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Did you miss the 2013 Adult Abuse Training Institute (AATI)? Or were you there and would like to see the handout materials for any of the more than 45 workshops presented?

Good news! Brookdale has collected handout materials for almost all the workshops presented at the 2013 AATI event, and are now available below for downloading in PDF format.

Each file contains all the handout materials (that were available to us) for that particular workshop.  The materials may be downloaded, copied and distributed freely to your associates and colleagues.

Please note:  You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer in order to view the handout files listed below. If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, you may download and install the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.




101  My Mother’s Garden: Hoarding- A Risk to Worker Safety and Client Health
102 Loneliness, Isolation & Elder Abuse: How to Identify & respond to At-Risk Elderly
103 Smart Seniors, Smart Investors – Don’t Get Scammed
104 Healthy Roles, Bodies & Minds: Decreasing the Risk for Alzheimer’s & Dementia
105 Spirituality and Aging
106 Financial Health and Development:  Tools for Empowering Workers and Clients
107 Universal Health Precautions: Keeping Yourself and Your Clients Healthy
108 Creating & Nurturing a Healthy Lifestyle: Preventing Burnout
109 New York State Power of Attorney /Guardianship Case Law Update


201  APS / SPCA : Your role in Collaborating an intervention for Animal Hoarding
202  Protecting our Elders: Senior Substance Abuse Issues
203  (materials unavailable) Using Breath and Meditation for Stress Relief
204  Suicide Intervention Skills for the Caregiver
205  The Impact of Financial Exploitation on a Person’s Eligibility to Receive Benefits
206  (materials unavailable) Wellness Care for the Caregiver: Countering the Effects of…
207  Descalating clients suffering from Mental Illness
208  You know it when you see, but how do you prove it?
209  The 411 on Consumer Fraud: Don’t Be A Victim


301  Aging: What’s normal? What’s not?
302 Heart and Soul: A New Way of Promoting Whole Body Wellness
303 Alternative and Complementary Health Care Practices
304 A Comprehensive Response to Elder Abuse: Building Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT)
305 Mutual Health Needs: Caring for Ourselves and Others
306 What are Successful Case Interventions in Challenging Cases?
307 Identifying, Resolving & Preventing Medication Related Problems
308 (materials unavailable) Mental Health First Aide: Guide & Review
309 (materials unavailable) Herding Cats: Managing a Growing and Unmanageable Caseload
310 Quality Nutrition Intervention for Aging Individuals


401  (workshop cancelled-materials unavailable) The FISH! Philosophy: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale
402 Voluntary and Involuntary Interventions in Adult Protective Services
403-503 Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What is it and how do I respond? (Parts 1&2)
404 (materials unavailable) Thinking Outside the Box: Filling the Gaps in Services
405 The Price of Addiction: The Risk for Financial Exploitation Related to Addiction
406 Managed Care & Managed Long Term Care: How Does this Impact Protective PSA?
407 APS Education: Self Advocacy and Education
408 Self-Care Models for Service Providers and Managers
409 United we Stand, Divided we Fall: Preventing Falls among Older Adults
410 (materials unavailable) Danger, Danger Will Robinson!: Worker Safety in the Field


501   Transitioning Youth to Adulthood: Where to Go From Here?
502 Care for Older Patients Suffering from Substance Abuse, Stress & Isolation
503 Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 2 of Workshop 403)
504 Accessing Health Coverage in the New Millennium: Medicare and Medicaid
505 It’s Not Just Broken Bones: Domestic Violence in the Elder Population
506 (materials unavailable) Medicaid Health Homes: An Implementation Update
507 Sit Up! : How to Make Your Work Space Safe to Prevent Pain, Strain and Stress
508 The Hidden Effects of Elder Abuse: Depression and the Older Victim
509 Money Smart for Older Adults


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