APRIL 2015

In September 2014, elder justice experts, funders and other stakeholders gathered in New York City for a day long symposium, “Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Teams: Planning for the Future,” to explore the value of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) and plan for sustaining this important model.

MDTs bring together groups of professionals serving victims of elder abuse – such as geriatricians, prosecutors, Adult Protective Services caseworkers, law enforcement officers and social workers, aging network providers – in varying configurations to provide a collaborative response to complex cases of elder abuse. While MDTs are recognized as an important, powerful intervention model, there are several challenges to replicating and sustaining teams. The professionals assembled for this historic symposium explored these challenges and established priorities for the field. The conversations and recommendations outlined at the MDT Symposium have been collected, along with background information and additional commentary on MDTs, into a monograph, which can be found here.

For more information about the MDT Symposium or the monograph, please contact Risa Breckman at rbreckm@med.cornell.edu or Joy Solomon at Joy.Solomon@hebrewhome.org