When adults are unable to meet their own essential need for food, shelter, clothing and medical care and protect themselves from harm, and when friends or family members are unwilling and unable to provide sufficient assistance, the State has the authority to step in to provide “protective services.”
Brookdale offers professional development to government social services employees across New York State that work directly with adults who are, or who might be, in need of Protective Services, as well as staff in supervisory and management positions. Much of the training is geared toward demonstrating how state laws, rules and regulations can help APS caseworkers meet their clients’ needs, which often include preventing physical abuse, medical neglect, financial exploitation, or eviction, and on the positive side, establishing appropriate support services such as in-home care.

Trainings are designed to build knowledge and skill in the following key areas: eligibility for services and needs assessment, communication and engagement, service planning and case management, critical decision-making and risk management, banking laws and financial exploitation, laws governing the authority and responsibilities of APS professionals, worker safety, and effective supervision. Some popular trainings include:

New Worker Institute

This 8-day training offers new workers an overview of adult protective services: eligibility criteria, fundamentals of casework, and the legal authority of APS employees to intervene without permission whenever a client is at risk of harm.

Casework and Legal Liability

This training explores the legal liabilities of casework and provides guidance in the area of risk management.


This training covers the dynamics of hoarding and how to work effectively with individuals who are inclined toward hoarding.

All APS trainings are provided under a contract with the New York State Office of Children & Family Services, which administers Adult Protective Services.

The Adult Protective Services Workforce Development Course Catalog is available upon request. For more information, please contact Geoff Rogers at [email protected].

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