The mission of the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging is to improve the lives of older adults through research, policy and professional development.  The Brookdale researchers work toward this mission by:

  • Developing, adapting, implementing, and evaluating community based programs to facilitate older adults’ living independently in their communities.
  • Exploring the social and behavioral factors that affect the health and quality of life of community-dwelling older adults.
  • Producing social research that will inform the health policy and health services that target older adults.

The underlying principles guiding our research aim to:

  • Promote older adults’ equitable and ethical treatment within the health care system.
  • Conduct research to improve the health of older adults.
  • Craft research to incorporate the voices, choices, and dignity of older adults.
  • Interpret findings so that they will ably influence health policy and reshape healthcare delivery to better serve the needs and preferences of older adults.