Current Projects

Interim director Dr. Daniel Gardner leads the research on access to Palliative Care in the Community.  Many older adults living with advanced chronic illnesses experience burdensome symptoms, spiritual distress and emotional concerns. Palliative care can improve an individual’s quality of life by addressing these discomforts.  Although palliative care has become more accessible, it is generally less available at the community level and low-income communities are less likely to have access to these services. More needs to be done to improve palliative care programs for and practice delivery to vulnerable populations. Community-based participatory research is one approach to address this significant gap.

Director of research Dr. Theresa Montini works with Raquel Romanick on a New York State Health Foundation-funded study of HIPAA’s role in the exchange of health information between healthcare providers and patients/caregivers. This is an issue for community-dwelling older adults because they exit in a network of caregivers, and the exchange of health information between healthcare practitioner, patient, and caregivers is crucial for coordination and continuity of healthcare.  Furthermore, older adults are disproportionately more likely to experience periods of diminished capacity, and during those episodes the exchange of health information with their community caregivers is essential to ensure their return to the community.

Research scientist Dr. Angela Ghesquiere is working to understand hospice providers’ practices around bereavement-related mental health disorders.  She also works with Raquel Romanick on projects that aim to understand guardianship in New York State, and to evaluate Brookdale’s Daily Money Management program.

Research associate Caitlin McAfee studies the health of incarcerated older adults and the reintegration of older adult paroles back into the community.