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A Guideline to PSA (Protective Services for Adults)

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This handbook was developed specifically for front-line workers who provide “protective services” to adults and provides a concise overview of the laws and regulations governing the provision of protective services in New York State as well as guidance in how to manage cases. The handbook covers: eligibility for services, the referral process, the investigation process and crisis management, documentation requirements, client contacts and home visits, and involuntary interventions.



Financial Exploitation: How to Recognize and Respond to It

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This pocket guide is designed to help front-line services workers recognize and respond effectively to signs that an adult client may be the victim of financial exploitation. The guide defines financial exploitation and circumstances that tend to place individuals at increased risk for exploitation; it lists an array of warning signs and explains why victims may not seek help; and it outlines an effective response, including what types of information to gather and how to conduct a successful and safe interview with an alleged victims and perpetrator.



Broken Trust: Financial Exploitation & Power of Attorney Abuse

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This desk guide covers relevant laws and regulations in New York State related to financial exploitation, including reporting to criminal and civil justice authorities and how to protect a vulnerable adult from financial exploitation. The guide also describes potential civil and criminal legal actions that may be taken when financial abuse is suspected or substantiated.