Our Mission

Brookdale improves the lives of older adults through research, advocacy, policy, and professional development.  We work in partnership with a wide range of agencies and non-governmental organizations to:

  • promote ethical treatment of older adults and other vulnerable populations in social service and healthcare systems
  • explore the social, political, legal, and economic climate affecting health and quality of life of older adults
  • identify inequities in the access to and experience of care
  • design programs that build the capacity of older adults and other vulnerable populations to live independently and with dignity in the community
  • develop educational curricula and training for professionals who work with older adults so as to facilitate equity, ethics, and effectiveness in the delivery of services and care
  • incorporate the voices and choices of older adults in order to promote just and effective social and health policy and practice

Our History

Brookdale was founded in 1974 by Dr. Rose Dobroff, a pioneer in the field of social gerontology. Brookdale was one of the country’s first university-based gerontology centers. The Sadin Institute for Law and Public Policy, a program within Brookdale, was founded in 1977 by Samuel Sadin, who led the field of elder law. In four decades of work, Brookdale has fostered generations of professionals and paraprofessionals committed to improving the lives of older adults and nurtured many of the field’s top legal and policy experts.